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Why Did My Mummy Cry? Is a story of a toddler who observes her step-mother crying on daily basis. Written from the toddler’s point-of view, the writer reveals 200 reasons why a mother cries. The reasons are presented in a form of collection rationalised by a child who made assumptions about them.

The writer makes a few plot twists when she explains some of the things that may trigger readers to question the reasons. In other forms, the writer also presents some real-life situations when she presents reasons that are irrational for an adult to cry. Here, the reasons are lightened with wit and jokes. Why Did My Mummy Cry? is truly a book that every child should have so that whenever one sees his mother cries, he should ponder upon the reasons stated in this book. Witty and illogical they may be, but it is funny and helpful enough to recreate a bond between mother and children.

A strong love for a mother is also embedded throughout the whole book making this book relevant to all age groups to read. The writer makes a daring move by leaving empty space in all the pages where the reasons are presented making it possible to everyone to give a picture of their own as the read them. This book makes a good ending when the writer finally emphasise that even a flawed family made by divorce and separation deserves happiness.

If you are looking for something easy and simple to read, this book should be of your choice. The title is available in two versions: e-book and hardcopy books and can be purchased at https://amusedcake.com/collection-of-books

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