Learning How To Learn – Picking One From The 7 Types of Intelligences (Kinaesthetic Intelligence)

Dear parents,

In case you are seeing one of your children highly active in sports or dancing activities rather than the rest of the entire family, be happy that this child is actually high with kinesthethic intelligence.

Children with kinesthetic intelligence love building things. On top of that, they also love physical activities and are aware of their bodily movements. These children usually come with strong motor skills. Instead of learning from blackboard and chalk, books and worksheets, they would prefer to learn by being directly involved in the activities that will give them the results in hand. As such, children who are good with building blocks is one of the examples.

So is there any future for the kids who play all day long and dislike worksheets and homework? The answer is, yes.

They are more likely to become a carpenter, a masseur, a dancer, or even an athlete. With that, the next time you see one of your children being too physically active, be sure to give him or her enough space to practice what they are good at. After all, we are all different from one another.

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