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Small matters count irregardless how minute they are in our eyes. How many of you today remember the last time you praised your family member? When was the last time you thank your partner? When was the last time your child admire you in front of the mirror? When was the last time someone asks for your presence?

If everything is replaced by technology, absence become life and nobody needs human touch anymore.

I think, we have reached into a life time where social approval becomes very important to feed self-confidence of many people yet again, we also become its victim whenever it becomes unmanageable. In a family institution context, I believe there is one reason leading to this: lack of family support. We all achieve new thing everyday even for a small matter as small as making the bed. However, when no one in our close circle sees this, the tendency to break from the circle for new acceptance become high.

We have to stop the search of nothingness  in our gadget, our online games, sports cars, polo, golf  whatever we individually love doing and start telling one another again, how they have been missed during the weekdays when you are actually juggling everything the world throws at you. It is due for those you put aside during the hectic times to know their presence matters and you still need them to make life feels balance again. At the same time, if you craving for some moral support, it is time for you to open up. You may be surprise at how much you are still wanted.

For us to be there for one another is much easier when you keep the relationship warm and healthy. No one needs a friend more than a sister. No husband should seek a warmer hug outside home nor should a wife feel sad doing house chores if we all stand for our family and be there for our family members. Today we just have to stop our search for sense of belonging because all that we need is there – at home.


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