7 Types of Intelligences – Mathematical-Intelligence Activities for kids

7 Types of Intelligences series have not been discussed in my entries for quite sometimes and I decided that we look into it again. This time, it’s mathematical intelligence. As the name suggests, we are going to discuss 3 activities children with mathematical intelligence like.

1 They are good at maths

As the name suggests, they are good at maths. If your child is still a toddler and you are not ready to teach her basic calculation, then, counting can be a great start. Try to count with your child at every possible time you both are together. Let her differentiate countable and uncountable items.

2 Puzzles

Puzzles are great for the kids with mathematical intelligence. The curiosity empowers the logical faculty of the brain.

3 Taking measurements

Give them rulers, measuring tapes, weighing machines and whatever stuff that make them feel in charge of taking measurements and they will be happy. So, the next time when you’re baking your favourite cookies, remember to get your mathematical intelligence kids involved.  You’ll be surprised at how excited they are for the new role.

Do you think you got books that can contribute more ideas to this type of intelligence? Feel free to drop us the title here.


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